Beard Brush

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New to the Brenda Christian Cosmetics Line of reparative and restorative skin care accessories.

Brushing your beard helps to strengthen and straighten the hairs of the beard.  Made with synthetic bristles, the Brenda Christian Beard Brush aids in removing dead skin cells and significantly reduces itchy, dry flakey skin.

Our brush is cruelty and vegan free!

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A beard brush is one of the most useful tools a gentleman with a beard can have. It helps to strengthen and straighten by gently redistributing oils over your hair all while wicking away dead skin cells from under the beard. It can also be used to evenly apply a product.

Brushing your beard daily, several times a day, keeps your beard healthy by redistributing the natural oils throughout the beard.


Brush your beard once you have applied your beard grooming products. The bristles are firm enough to brush through any knots without breaking your hair but are also soft enough to stimulate and exfoliate the skin underneath your beard.