Beard Comb

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New to the Brenda Christian Cosmetics Line of reparative and restorative skin care accessories.

Made of Natural Pear Tree Wood, wide and narrow teeth and easily fits into your pocket.



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A quality beard comb will allow you to detangle and shape your beard or even help you apply product.

If you have long or thick growth, a brush in conjunction with a comb will be essential to help make sure you have all of your hair in place.  It will generally be larger than a comb for your hair.

Anti-static reduces snags that damage your beard.

Helps train your beard to grow in the right direction.

Distributes beard oil throughout your beard evenly.

Keeps your beard looking well-maintained all day long.

Our natural wooden beard comb is made from Pear Tree Wood and designed with wide and narrow teeth to run through your beard and mustache while minimizing snags and pulls. A must-have for every bearded gent!