Precision Blade Sharpener

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You must try the Precision Blade Sharpener

If you have ever had difficulty sharpening a pencil without breaking off the point, you must try Precision Blade Sharpener.

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  • Highest quality blade sharpens removing tiny amounts of Universal Brow Definer pencil, enhancing the life of your Universal Brow Definer.
  • German-made, hand-polished stainless steel blade
  • Creates sharp wedge at pencil tip for the precise creation of eyebrow hairs.  Designed especially for the Universal Brow Definer.
  • Special housing design protects surroundings then separates for sanitation of blade.
The Precision Blade Sharpener is extraordinary because it actually enhances the life of the Universal Brow Definer pencil.  Puts a beveled edge on the sides of the lead so that it lays on the brow correctly to create the illusion of brow hairs.

To use, insert your pencil and make short quarter turns. The blade will actually create a sharp wedge at the tip of the pencil for the specific creation of eyebrow hairs. The blades are easily sanitized after sharpening with alcohol and a cotton swab.


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