Gentle Cleansing Milk

The first step to experiencing beautiful skin while preventing premature wrinkles is cleansing.  Cleansing Is Major!   I cannot stress this enough.  It is just not necessary to strip the skin of everything good to cleanse away dead skin cells, surface debris, and makeup.  Therefore, a true multi-tasking cleanser is not only of paramount importance but, […]

Anti-Aging Part 1

I want to start at the beginning, the nucleus of anti-aging as far as topical applications are concerned. I will teach you more about other things like nutrition, ways to sleep, etc. later but for now, we start here. Many people have asked me about my skin. Why at 60 years of age do I […]

Good Bye to Under Eye Circles

Three essential colors, Putty, Peach and Beige Highlight, color correct and brighten your eyes and entire face while minimizing lines, shadows and imperfections in the skin. Your skin appears moist and vibrantly younger.

Making Perfect Brows

Making Perfect Brows

Universal Brow Definer™ and Perfect Brow® Gel are the ultimate, miracle eye brow creation system. Just stroke Universal Brow Definer™ over the skin in your eye brow area and watch as it automatically changes to the color of your own individual eyebrow color.