Good Bye to Under Eye Circles

Color Remedies™ Trio — Imperfections will seem to disappear!

Discover this delightful delightful tri-color correction kit, Brenda Christian’s unique Color Remedies™ Trio. Color Remedies™ contains a high concentration of micro-milled, coated pigments that actually reflect light and cause your skin to appear moist and resilient. These specially formulated pigments prevent Color Remedies™ from creasing and disappearing when worn over Magnet Remedies Eye Serum. Color Remedies™ reflects light away from lines and shadows in the face and these imperfections seem to disappear.

Color Remedies™ stays in place all day and may be worn under or over foundation.

Three essential colors, Putty, Peach and Beige Highlight, color correct and brighten your eyes and entire face while minimizing lines, shadows and imperfections in the skin. Your skin appears moist and vibrantly younger.

Brenda Christian recommends the Brenda Christian Concealer Brush to apply Color Remedies™. This specially designed brush measures the exact amount of Color Remedies™ needed and prevents excess usage. The Concealer Brush will provide many years of use. Just wash the Concealer Brush with any conditioning shampoo when necessary, reshape with a clean towel and allow the brush to dry overnight.

Step 1 – Putty

Use Putty to block red and purple tones in the face caused by broken capillaries, blemishes, or blood tone around the eyes. Apply Putty color with the side of the Brenda Christian Concealer Brush as needed. Press color with your ring finger tip and allow your finger to linger briefly. The warmth of your finger will blend Putty color, neutralizing red and purple areas.

Step 2 – Peach

Apply Peach to brighten and enhance eyes. Press five strokes under eye with the flat side of the Brenda Christian Concealer Brush. Press with ring finger to blend. Watch gray tones miraculously disappear.

Step 3 – Beige Highlight

Use Beige Highlight to seriously minimize lines, add light to selected areas of the face and as an eye makeup base.

Use the side of the Brenda Christian Concealer Brush. When diminishing lines, work with the tip of the brush in the center depth of the wrinkle shadow. Beige Highlight can also be used to enhance features and make thin lips appear fuller.

To perfect blending and remove excess, press Brenda Christian Blending Wedge over Color Remedies™ and blend.