Anti-Aging Part 1

I want to start at the beginning, the nucleus of anti-aging as far as topical applications are concerned. I will teach you more about other things like nutrition, ways to sleep, etc. later but for now, we start here. Many people have asked me about my skin. Why at 60 years of age do I not have deep wrinkles? Have I had chemical peels? Do I use Botox? Do I use Rejuvederm? Anything else? Do I live on green tea and vegetables? The answer to all the above is No. The truth is that I developed a state of the art skin treatment system 35 years ago with an exceptional team of cosmetic chemists who were on the cutting edge of technology and together we combined this research with some powerful natural ingredients which quite frankly have worked wonders literally despite how I choose to live my life.

So, step by step, inch by inch, I am going to write to you in this blog and I am going to tell you how I do it and why it works and the number one step and it is a big one is to really look at yourself…..your face….close up….blown up at least five times with a magnification mirror and don’t smile. Relax your face. Look at the texture of your skin. Is it smooth? Do you have wrinkles yet? Do you have little tiny x’s that seem to be everywhere? Does your skin look red or irritated? Does it look dry? Now select the outer eye area and with your index finger and your thumb gently pinch the skin. Does it spring right back or does your skin take its own sweet time?

The goal here is to have skin that is not red, only pink upon manipulation through massage and then relaxing back to your natural flesh tone and springy! Really springy! When you pinch, it flies back into place. When we get you there, or as close as we can from where we are starting, then your skin will literally halt in place as far as future wrinkling is concerned. Can we remove what is already there? Yes, we can if it is caused by dehydration and a loss of elasticity because I can put that back. You notice I said, I. I mean it. I can put the moisture and elasticity back into your skin if you follow what you will learn through what I am about to teach you. The good thing is that it is fun, and it is easy. The challenging part may be that it is not cheap. I pay more for the raw ingredients that go into my formulations than most of these so-called miracle television “movie stars that have now miraculously turned into skin care professionals” charge for their finished products. This is before marketing or customer service or the building we work in.

My personal goal has never been to be the biggest cosmetic company on the planet. My goal was never even to be rich. My goal was to put together the right group of products and tools to know that when my clients followed my advice I could look at them and know that I had told the truth. Well that time is now. I have been using my skin care and only my skin care for the last 35 years (unless I was testing some so-called miracle product which I have never done for more than a day or new submissions from my chemists which if they proved to be better or more powerful were immediately brought into the line. More on that later.

So, what I have decided to do here is step by step teach you what is most important and give you deep, detailed instructions on how to use the formulas I recommend. By the way, if you have taken the plunge and had plastic surgery, or a deep chemical peel you just couldn’t be starting your new skin regimen in a better place.