21 Piece Luxury Brush Set with Case

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21 Piece Luxury Brush Set with Case
Designed with Brenda’s exact specifications, this kit includes every brush you will ever need to create a complete makeup look. The brushes are made with the highest quality. The tri-fold faux leather case is prefect for travel. Perfect for the makeup professional or simply those that want to do makeup like a pro.

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The set includes:

Powder One, Fan One, Blush One, Blush Two, Foundation Two, Cream One, Shadow One, Shadow Two, Shadow Three, Shadow Four, Shadow Five, Angle One, Angle Two, Angle Three, Flat Liner One, Liner Two, Liner Three, Metal Lash One, Brow One, Lash Control Brush (US Patent No. 7,219,801), and Lip One in a Large Brush case w Zipper Pocket.


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