Body Nurture Oil

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Body Nurture Oil is made using organically grown, First-Press (Virgin), 100% Pure, Unrefined, Golden Liquid Jojoba expeller pressed in accordance with organic standards from pesticide-free Jojoba Seeds. Body Nurture Oil has many uses. Because of its affinity with our skin it is an excellent soother, softener, and conditioner. Body Nurture Oil conditions the scalp and hair, eliminating dry scalp and babies’ cradle cap. It deep cleanses the skin and removes make-up. Use it as a pre-shave softener for legs and face; soothe the skin with Body Nurture Oil and the essential oils of Sweet Orange after shaving or hair removal.

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The word “Jojoba” refers both to the plant and to the extract of its seed.  Jojoba Seeds contain liquid wax esters which are similar to the natural esters our own skin produces, making it uniquely compatible with the skin.  100% Jojoba Extract is an easily absorbed, non-comedogenic moisturizer rich in natural forms of the antioxidant, Vitamin E.  Our Jojoba Oil is lightly pressed from the highest quality Jojoba Seeds (Simmondsia Chinensis), resulting in a warm, golden color and light, smooth texture, completely free of additives.


Enriching Moisturizer for Body & Face

Add Shine to Hair and or Beards

Soothe Skin After Sun Exposure

Relief for Sensitive or Problem Skin

Revitalize Scalp

Gentle Enough for Babies

Directions – An excellent soother, softener and conditioner that can be used for the entire body, scalp and facial massage. Conditions the scalp and hair, eliminating dry scalp and babies’ cradle cap. Can be used to remove make-up and can be used as a pre-shave softener for legs and face.



First Press (Virgin) Jojoba Oil, Pure Essential Oils of Vanilla and Sweet Orange.

Net Weight 8.5 fl oz (255 ml)

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Weight 8.5 oz


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