Closer View Mirror

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Great for Those with Low Vision and for Putting in Contact Lenses

  • 12x Magnification 1 side; 1x (true size) on other
  • Slides into plastic protective shell
  • Includes carry pouch for travel
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OK, it has happened Brenda has passed the 40 year mark. I can’t believe it but I visited the eye doctor and I swear he had his tongue in his cheek when he told me how “lucky I was that I just now needed READING GLASSES!!! to see up close”. After I “thanked him, with definitely my tongue in my cheek” and purchased my first pair of reading specs I saw things on my face I didn’t know were there. But I thought, how inconvenient to apply my makeup. I can’t tweeze with these glasses on and then I remembered this perfect little mirror I had discovered in Long Beach, California that two of my friends had developed. “A Closer View” was my perfect answer. I can see every tiny little hair, every unblended bit of concealer, and I love it. It’s small enough that I can travel with it and it comes in this precious little plastic case and pops up when I need to use it.

I have to admit, when I bought my first mirror I had my more mature clients in mind, little did I know….Ah, such is life.


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